1. how do he get so much?!

  2. NOOBS! That is Monkey Money that he is getting. In deflation mode, you can
    purchase stuff with NK coins.

  3. Oh wait you don’t get more money in deflation sry

  4. And btw you must have a lot of money because you didn’t waste alot and Ik
    that because look at the towers you have

  5. It’s a hack. Deflation Mode has 1 life not 150

  6. Leroy Jenkins, you are about as observant as a sheet of paper. it’s

  7. you obviously hacked you money doesn’t change will all those bloons YOU

  8. and you get the likesXD

  9. That awkward moment when you get likes…

  10. use your eyes… he’s on deflation mode, you can’t get money on deflation

  11. That awkward moment where all the comments have that awkward moment in them.

  12. he has one like…

  13. really I have tested this and it does not work, also the team fixed it in
    an update, this no longer works anyway.

  14. The awkward moment when you think that he uses cheat engine and you get 0
    likes for that…..

  15. I had to check my audio xD

  16. That awkward moment when you get likes for posting this comment

  17. Thats cuz its deflation and you don’t get any more money.

  18. Look at the number of super monkey storms he has. It goes up…

  19. does this still work?? please someone tell meeeeee

  20. Hey Vanoss do u play ninja kiwi games? any way i love your videos keep it
    up, you make me laugh.

  21. omg lol i love gliches

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