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Download: ===================================================== I get many requests from Dota 2 fans, to create h…

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Warcraft III (DOTA) Map Hack 2013

ok amigos espero que les aya gustado suscribanse y comenten si se cae el link ...


  1. nice video

  2. SansouAvec oudadans


  3. MPHackerGenerators

    Update. Added Troll Warlord patch :)

  4. I always can count on you MPHacker™ :D

    Perfect tool, all features working :)

  5. HOLY CRAP!?!?!

    I have full backpack now :///

    Cool hack, more in future pls!!!

  6. EpicHeny Approved!

    Only working Dota 2 Hack in Web.
    Valve, you accept the challenge :>?

  7. OMG. Valve is stupid?! Why they dont fix it yet?!

    This hack is working on latest Dota 2 patch :O
    rep+ for only working Dota 2 Hack in web.

  8. Great tool ! I love MPHacker hacks :DD Best hacking team ever!

  9. 25 lvl, all items on start, and awesome heroes appearance?

    It’s easy with this hack!
    Awesome hack!

    THANK YOU!!!

  10. MrDaRealScootMan Shady

    :D I win every game now in 5 minutes :P
    And i have every item now!

    Thank you so much!

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