Dota 2 Treasure Chest Unlocker Chest opener Key adder 2013 hack

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  1. downloaded this on my other computer and now i can’t get my computer to work……

  2. pls help the program wont run

  3. please post a screenshot to let it see to me

  4. dude there is obviously a password

  5. Nothing happens

  6. George Arapellis

    Tried to download……Insta virus popup from avast.No thanks better pay some money to open them than destroy my computer.

  7. The app isnt running can somw help me out ?

  8. It says mozglue.dll is missing from your computer.Can anyone help me out?

  9. Ok how to use this i double clicked it nothing popped out..

  10. Virus -.-

  11. thanks for this awesome hack but i got only 24 chests opened from the 56

  12. after two times trying it worked thanks my friend

  13. Working again sorry for my last post.

  14. yodsatorn pantongkam

    this hack is awesome !

  15. ยศธร ปานทองคำ

    Working hack many thanks for the keys

  16. thanks man, got an unusual yak from one of them, your a hero mate :)))))

  17. I have free Dota 2 keys here:\WQNi6

  18. i tried to run after i disabled the antivirus, still not working :(

  19. yes he scans for files some virus scanners like norton/avs will block that

  20. oh rly I dare you do it

  21. norton freaked out after I extracted the rar file. not sure what happened. : \

  22. Working again Sorry for last post : ( !!! you are a hero !!!

  23. It works for me thank 14 chests opened : ) +1 ! DONT Listen to those spammers who says it dont work !

  24. The file was encrypted.
    what is the password?

  25. Its asking for a password. the file was encrypted

  26. i downloaded few minutes ago and is working, ty ty ty

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