Hack any Wifi Network with CMD


Ever wanted to hack a WiFi network? Well now you can, because this tutorial will show you a simple yet effective method to hack wireless networks.

download button Hack any Wifi Network with CMD

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  1. Helios Verus on

    This is a joke, if you actually followed this, it shows how gullible you are.

  2. Ugapang molmol on

    Guys try this 2 Software. It works for me 100%.
    Download link:

  3. when i put in ipconfig /hackermode it says: The default is to display only the IP address subnet mask and default gateway for each adapter bound to tcp/ip.
    for release and renew, if no adapter name is specified, then the IP address leases for all the adapters bound to the tcp/ip will be released or renewed
    for setclassid and setclassid6 if no classid is specified then the classid is removed ..
    it then gives 7 examples …basically what the hell???

  4. Because of this guy I learned how to use batch files! I even made a quick project!
    /watch?v=rWVQ2znq9zk Please don’t hack me, LOL. Hopefully my idea will give you ideas. If you don’t want to look just dont. Sorry for being like spam :/

  5. Manzoor mani on

    Savage Opress!! Don’t be jealous when somebody needs help and He asks some one for help. Anyway I don’t need help now from YOU because I myself downloaded and Installed that software and hacked the wifi passwords…

  6. Manzoor mani on

    Please give me an idea so I can download and Install Wifi Hacker software, I have problem to download and Install this software. so please….

  7. Jaakko Leistevuo on

    I see what you did there :) You made a little program with notepad, and putted some inputs and echos and color. Then you made it look like a normal cmd. You opened that program, not cmd and typed in right input. Clever, but not hacking. Fun idea anyway! (:

  8. Mohammad Khan on

    im excited. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. dont think its funny, your address and mail id is enough to receive ur ipad3. rush it here  –> bit.ly/1cbXPwy?=jliygv

  9. that is also a bait! just give us a link without requiring us to do any of those stupid surveys which actually just grabs money from us!!!

  10. george hellen on

    This video is fake but there is a great WIFI Password Hacker that still does the job well bit.ly\wifihack2013 (thumbs up if it works)

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