How To Bypass Surveys

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  1. @Kian Sidi yeah because the whole thing is a scum. deceiving bullshit…

  2. cant see shit

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  10. latenightwithstoney2

    trying to download some hacking software,every site wants you to take a
    survey to download the software,will this effect the download ,or am I
    stuck in a limbo here lol

  11. transformersilverbot

    pls send me the survey remover file PM me and ill give you my email

  12. this survey remover have survey!

  13. wow stupid

  14. thanks for the info :)

  15. exactly

  16. i didn’t know that i have to make a survey to download the survey
    bypasser.You are really smart mister

  17. did he send it to you??? if so could you send it to me???

  18. ik ik fucked up

  19. Can you send me the file?

  20. disabling javascript won’t work on most surveys. They simply ask you to
    reenable it

  21. Hoppas att det hjälper :))

  22. lol.. no password

  23. Woah! The survey disappeared, now how can I download it? *sarcasm*

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