How To Download

Hello everyone !

If You have problems in downloading hacks/cheats/trainers or other programs from our site, please read this page!

Go to page where you need to download the program.

Go to the button of the article and click the button “DOWNLOAD”

After that You will see one pop up with a offer or survey list.

Choose one offer and click on it.You will be redirected to another page where you have to follow the steps how to complete the offer.After completion you should wait 1-2 minutes for confirmation and the download will start!

Check out one live example how to complete one survey or offer.This is a basic example how to complete a survey/offer.Sometimes the pop up looks different but the process is the same like in the video below.

How to complete PIN and Mobile Offers

Some countries only have PIN/Mobile offers but are very easy and quickly to complete, so i give you some tips :

  • Choose one of Mobile offer and click it.You will be redirected to one page where you need to follow few steps
  • Select your mobile operator and type your number
  • You will receive one message text with one code
  • Confirm that code as in offer said
  • Wait 1-2 minutes for confirmation and if everything was correctly the download should start!
  • If the download will not start try another offer.

Just apply this guide and you will not have problems in downloading from our website.Enjoy our files !

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