1. dont work ^^

  2. Stupid guys stop saying virus all hacks are “viruses” because your antivirus programm dont know who made it !!!

  3. /watch?v=VOV727V9chc

  4. piss off with your virus

  5. why did you use an old clip for this the clip is from 2010-11 or something

  6. Alexandre Laguardia

    It’s fake, the video was made last year

  7. its a trojan

  8. also, what is the password for this hack?

  9. Are you sure about this site will work?

  10. fuck you nigga keylogger

  11. virus •_•!

  12. virus -_-‘

  13. RebeccaScott3937

    wow.this hack work.i tested no fake>> www.league-of-legends-hack.com

  14. LauraRodriguez2811

    no fake.i tested this hack.really work >> www.league-of-legends-hack.com

  15. LeagueLegendsHack

    Stupid virus fuck you.

    Guys if you want a real one i have uploaded an video to show you how to use the hack.

    check my channel, glad to help you ^^

  16. virus : )

  17. virus

  18. Patrik Trojanowski

    nice virus dont download it 

  19. ty for the virus :)

  20. hey bro is saying league of legends not runing plz help bro i am
    eu-nodric and east

  21. Fix link please

  22. pls i have a problem…. League Of Legends is not running :( :( :(

  23. fuck you nigger nice keyloggggggggger

  24. NEW UPDATE ! MAPHACK v2.0 !

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