1. stil working :) mobage are slow at patching this exploit 😀

  2. worked for me :) you legend many thanks for this

  3. yourfacemeetsmyfist

    please alot of coins, i subbed,

  4. don’t know how to finish the survey ….
    if somoene could send me coin to patrick12909-1 you will be a genius :p

  5. after I extract it ask me for a password. could someone send some coins to flasheffect12 thanks in advance

  6. I’d you wouldn’t mind helping me out, I’ve done this survey multiple times and it won’t download. Please give some coins. My name is spawn5 for the account. I’ve subscribed already. Thanks so much. As many coins as possible please :)

  7. thankyou :D this works great on iphone

  8. thanks mate, saved me some $ here

  9. thanks :) works great for marvel: WOH – getting lots of rares :D

  10. I’ve now tried downloading many off this free mobage coin hacks but only this is working, i load up 100k , very greatful

  11. good share dude , i got a lot of points !
    Many thanx in advance

  12. Dude thanks a lot for this share ! And the surveys seems to be a good solution to prevent the download abuse! Keep it workable.

  13. I did the survey, and i got the download…. scifispooky is my name….thx a bunch…

  14. I will download later when i’m home ! seems to be something wonderful and i need this! Thank you

  15. still working i can confirm ! i got a lot of points , you can check my username namessos

  16. Omg i saw that in last period was a lot of downloads for this hack, i will download now the same , hope to work for me like other people says

  17. merci bccp il ya une limite ? ou non

  18. I’ve been able to get the download but the file is asking for a pw so I go to the site listed and the pw never unlocks…..losing faith here lol if someone can send me some coins to show its real I’ll keep trying. User name is fresnoshredder

  19. Still working ! i can confirm

  20. please can someone send me some moba coin , id name raytest

  21. A lot of guys here who want coins.. i want the same so i will download this hack to see what’s happen…
    btw : good share

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