Top 10 Pokemon GBA Rom Hacks 2013!

Did this while I was sick, not the best but it works. What is your top 10 rom hacks or Favorite Hacks in general? Download Link To ALL HACKS.

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  1. Why everybody really likes snakewood i know the story really good but i think the fakemons and sprite is really bad

  2. He’s a gym leader. Yes, he is Yugi, or should I say Atem.

  3. Same…

  4. the background music in this video (which is I think is Primal Dialga’s theme from PMD2) made me sad :(


  5. not only you got my like you have inlightend me. YUGI + OH = YUGIOH. OMG.

  6. Now to the important question. Does any of these work for the emulators on ipod touch or iphone?

  7. *an artist

  8. How are the pixels smoothed over

  9. mabie your deaf

  10. I’ve collected quite a few hacks over the years, also used hack tools to make “how I want it to play” type hacks. (My trade editor no longer works, thanks to my virus checker removing it)

    Good work, hopefully some of the hacks in this pack are more recent copies to those in my collection.

  11. what happened to pokemon my ass

  12. you sir, are a artist <3

  13. i made the title screen for dark rising :)

  14. Bad ending

  15. the top link in the description has all the games on this list, just download it and extract it, then pick which one to play first

  16. quem é brasileiro da uma thumbs up( Like ai )

  17. I liked Light Platinum, but it’s too unbalanced.
    Someone should make a remake of it, but in Hard-Mode. It’s way too easy for my liking.

  18. I want to watch your video SO FUCKING BAD

    Why do you do this :(
    You can’t even talk straight, you are mumbling, and talking at a slight hastened pasce, as well, you are mispronouncing words

    It’s a good video idea, and I would love to hear about these hacked games, please fix the audio on this, and stop speaking in a fast slur, it will make your videos watchable, and I promise I will subscribe if you do this.

    And alternative, make a Closed Caption file for this, so I can read while you talk.

  19. Does Pokemon Azure have Kadabra and Scyther evolve by level?

  20. how do u download any of those hacks idk how

  21. At 1:55 does anyone notice that that guy in front of the dragon is Yugi from yugioh 0_o

  22. 2:38 the texto was on portuguesse

  23. hey there! I just started a let’s play on a Pokemon Dark Rising! check out my channel if you get a chance! thanks!

  24. Yeah I think they are all gba so you can get myboy on the app store

  25. I know this asking much, but if you have the correct emulator can you use these Pokemon hacks on an android?

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